C R E A T I V E  W E L L B E I N G

Helping organizations create stronger teams and greater impact through teambuilding retreats and group consultations. 


As a professional Health & Wellbeing Coach, Vocalist, Creative, and Yoga Instructor, I am passionate about guiding individuals to find and establish Wellbeing in their personal lives as well as in their work lives, while unleashing their Creativity that resides in all of us.

Once we cultivate tools that generate balance and unblock our creative potential, we can bring our best selves forward into every aspect of our lives.  From that place, amazing things can happen...


Creative Wellbeing for Work Teams

Connection             .               Collaboration              .              Creation           .              Imagination

The purpose of our workshops and Team Building Consultation services is to improve the overall Wellbeing and Team Spirit within our workplaces. Too often, individuals struggle with a sense of belonging and fulfillment at their place of work, and/or have lost touch with creating a sense of balance between their work life and personal life. Disharmony in one or both of these areas often leads to stress, anxiety, burn out, fatigue, lack of focus and many other health issues and repercussions. 

Our mission is to bring a greater sense of Creative Wellbeing into our work lives and home lives, so we can bring our best selves forward. 


Creative Wellbeing Team Retreats


This is a creatively customized retreat for organizations that want to color outside of the lines...quite literally!  This is definitely not your traditional hum-drum Team Building Experience that everyone secretly dreads!  Rather, these work retreats invite your teams to connect and collaborate in more meaningful, fun, creative and impactful ways that foster  tools of wellbeing and unleash creativity. 

I believe that when we nurture and harness Creativity and Wellbeing in our lives, we  can quickly feel the benefits in a deeper sense of calm, clarity and purpose and wholeness.  This, in turn, can dramatically improve the quality of our work, enhance team dynamics, as well as optimize who we are when we go home.


Creative Wellbeing Team Retreats are 6 hours in duration, with a half hour lunch break.    Located in old charming Lowertown St. Paul Minnesota, we lead these retreats out of a  place called Creators Space, a gorgeous 34,000 square foot Creativity Center and Coffee Shop dedicated to providing Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Philosophers the space and tools to create.  A perfect fit indeed.

From a fun bonding experience with co-workers to tapping into our creative selves, this pioneering team building retreat will indeed be fun, unique and memorable.

What will we do? 

 Creative Wellbeing Team Retreats can include:

  • Fun activities and games

  • Movement

  • Creative unleashing icebreakers

  • Stress management tools for balance and wellbeing

  • Collaborative group art project. (You get to have this at your place of work!) 

  • Improv and interactive play

  • Healthy Communication and sharing. 

  • More!

Retreats and consultations designed to:

  • Improve overall work climate

  • Inspire innovative & creative growth

  • Encourage balance & wellbeing for work/life

  • Foster employee satisfaction and improve team relations

  • Unleash creative potential   

  • Enhance productivity

To learn more about Creators Space, and their classes and services, please visit: 

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This is where the work can truly manifest and take flight! 

We go right into the workplace, with the actual teams and leaders themselves.  Not only do we incorporate skills and practices that support our mental health and wellbeing, but together, we slowly build a culture where individuals feel safe, heard, and where teams build stronger connections, respect and work more effectively, and creatively, together.

Ideally, we will have had a retreat together to plant a good foundation, and follow up by visiting quarterly throughout the year with the same team to continue to foster positive growth and wellbeing for both the team as a collective, and the individuals themselves.

Based off the needs and interest of the group and leader, we work through the following:

  • Creative and fun Team building activities and games

  • Creative conflict resolution via healthy communication and open dialogue

  • Stress management practices for wellbeing (mindfulness, yoga, meditation)

  • Burn out/brain fog

  • work/life balance challenge 

  • Improv and play to ignite more FUN in our lives!

  • Creative Brainstorming to work through current challenges and or reach your goals.

  • Collaborative art projects

  • Partner work/or and group work

  • Reflection and discussion

Growth             .               Expansion              .              Belonging           .              Insight



I had the pleasure of meeting Christina on a Sunday when the Creator Space was having a public event. I was in the midst of planning a retreat for my team and wondered if the space would be a good fit. Christina was friendly and I immediately connected to her. She explained the general structure of her retreats and I found it interesting. Her methodology spoke to me and I thought it would be a good experience for my team. I arranged a time we could meet separately to discuss this further. Christina was very receptive and interested in learning about the dynamics of my team. The format of her retreats were inspiring and used creative “out of the box” ideas. It is important to her to create a safe space for everyone. This was critical for my team because not everyone would be comfortable with the kind of activities we would partake in. Christina’s ideas bring playfulness out in people and creative expression. Not everyone gets a chance to do this during work time. It releases a new energy that people can appreciate. I was very excited after building the ideas for the retreat. I gave my team a heads-up and asked them to be open minded to the activities.  Our goals for the day were to be rejuvenated, self-care techniques and being reminded of the value of their work.


We have a unique team that is comprised of individuals with hearing loss and hearing. This was a new experience for Christina to work with ASL interpreters. She was very open, curious and respectful. She wanted to make sure the communication went smooth so I helped prep her on what to expect.


The day of the retreat arrived and Christina planned some very creative activities as ice breakers and strategically built-in unleashing our creativity. Adults don’t always think they are creative and don’t take time to play. It’s important to allow for this. Everyone seemed very engaged and we made sure their communication needs were met. I enjoyed the reflection at the end of the day where we meditated. She made it accessible for everyone by playing a video with captioning. We all were able to partake in the meditation.


I value the experience that Christina has created for her business. It’s inspiring and everyone should experience this kind of retreat in their life.

Brianna Lane
Only a few weeks into this wellness journey and conversations with Christina have been life-changing. Christina and this program are inspiring yet goal-oriented, emotional yet firm. I have more hope and drive for meeting my wellness goals than I ever have before. She keeps me accountable and motivated and provides excellent information and guidance."
Jill Schafer

I was initially drawn to Christina by her music and had no idea what to expect when I contacted her with interest in health and wellness coaching. Within the first 15 minutes, I knew the coaching was serious and within the first three sessions, I knew it was working. My experience with Christina has connected me with my brain and my heart in a way I've never experienced before. I now know the difference between real transformative change and responding to shaming with tweaks to appearances. It was the coolest thing -- and oh so natural -- when I realized intentional thinking and reasoning makes the difference.

John Barta











Corina Bernstein

Christina is a powerful healer and coach. She is thoughtful, deeply compassionate and aware, and incredibly intuitive; her body intuition and experience in movement modalities gives her unique offerings and insights with her clients. I am so grateful to have had Christina be a part of my healing journey."

Marcia Kurtz

Hmmmmmm, to say I had "buyer's remorse" initially is the absolute truth.  Probably after the second session, I realized I have probably done one of the BEST things for "ME" in my life!!!!


Before Christina, I didn't even know what boundaries were.  Now, I not only know what they are, I have several that I use most days.  I used to engage and make excuses for this or that.  Now, I employ my boundary lovingly and straight forward when just about anyone begins to make me feel uncomfortable.  Don't get me wrong, I still mess up but I am 400% better than ever in this department.


Eating is still a struggle as is exercise.  She's helping me to realize the importance of these things completely.  I'm the one still being lazy and struggling.  I do, however, count almost every bite I take which makes my eating mindful regardless of my hurrying ways of the past.  


I'm am still completely a work in progress each & every day.  However, before Christina, I didn't know the "work" that I want/need to do to become a better version of me.  Now I do and I thank you, Christina, from the bottom of my heart.

The love of my life; my wife and best friend passed away last summer (2017).  I miss her quite a bit - every day.

I was struggling though the grieving process.  I had heard Christina perform musically a number of times and happened to search her out to sing at a wedding.  When I found her web site I discovered that she was also doing some coaching to help people who were going thru a transformation in their lives.  Later I heard her sing again and I felt drawn to follow up on the possibility of working with her. Through my correspondence with her I felt a connection to her, so I engaged her for "The Healing Road Vignette".

Throughout my journey with Christina, she has been amazing.  Her caring, kindness and gentleness encouraged me to open up in our sessions.  She has given me "tools" that I use every day to help myself.  I have accepted that grieving is part of the healing process that takes place over time, and that it is ok to have those feelings of sadness.  I am trying to be kinder to myself during those times.  I am learning to recognize when I am going down a negative path and shift those thoughts that aren't beneficial to ones that are helpful.  Christina challenged me and stretched me out of my comfort zone --- and I am so grateful to have her helping me.

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