We each have a gift. I don't care who you are, we all have something that we are here to share with the world. It is our job to uncover that gift, that thing that comes so naturally to you, and than share it with the world. This is our Voice. For me, it is Singing.

As a vocalist, I am deeply inspired by the power of Song, and the way it can touch the very core of the human heart. In the exchange of music, both as the maker and the receiver of the sound, we are all invited to come back to our most natural self, and feel a little bit more joy and freedom inside to be our true selves.

I love to weave together the old sweet sounds of Jazz, with the gritty tones of Soul & Blues into something we like to call, SoulJazz! Click on the Facebook icon to see our upcoming shows!

I look forward to sharing in this musical experience with you! 

With love,


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