In my early 20's, Sivananda, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga first paved the way to my yoga journey within.  When I discovered Forrest Yoga in 2011, I was immediately drawn to its deep focus on the Self, the body, the releasing of mental blockages and the re-connection with our Spirit. I went on to receive my teaching certification in May 2013 with the creatrix herself, Ana Forrest. It truly is the practice that continues to feed my Soul, and challenges me to look at myself closely to peel back the fear layers and gunk to get to my True Self.​ 

I bring all of my tools and passions with me to each class, ready to share whatever feels authentic. We get strong and steady in these classes as we dial up the volume of our breath, our awareness, and a new commitment to exploring our higher/inner selves. My hope is to create a space for you to connect within and become aware of the limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits that no longer serve you, and guide you to choose new, more brightening thoughts that empower you to be your best self, on and off the mat. 

Ultimately, it is my life purpose to weave together my professions as a Yoga instructor, Vocalist and Coach to inspire my students and clients to take Loving Ownership of their life and do what truly helps them Come Alive. I believe that it is from this place that we can share our unique Beauty with the world around us. 

Below are the classes and workshops that I am currently teaching.

I look forward to our time together!

Yoga Classes:

I teach a candlelight flow class at Healing Elements Wellness in St. Paul, MN.

Thursdays:7:30-8:30 pm